Structured data elements for independent Artists

to include:
[authoritative external site sameAs]
[potentialAction = listen entry point with autoplay=true]


google SEARCH data type MUSIC
[mark-up so-called 'tracks']

{problems around status of tracks and album as such in modern music production and consumption culture}

[includes mark-up with audioObject / videoObject]


itemlist of CreativeWorks, tracks, recipes, ...
alt. more specific type is OfferCatalog

[observed as not working consistently in production due to rapid change in the standards for AMP pages and Structured Data, monitoring as of 31/12/16]


Service channel is your own business entity model through which you choose to publish.

namespace prefixes for music metadata

{ "@context": { "dc": "", "dcterms": "", "event": "", "foaf": "", "mit": "", "mo": "", "mt": "", "owl": "", "rdf": "", "rdfs": "", "time": "", "tl": "", "xsd": "" }, music descriptors